Monday, July 29, 2013

Strong and High Durability Car Brands

honda crz.txt

Expensive cars, does not mean the car is very reliable guarantee and can satisfy you with the durability of the car.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a popular magazine of the United Kingdom stated that Honda cars, is the most reliable car by its users. With a failure rate of only 10 percent in 12 months, making car brand Honda as the most resilient over the past seven years. Followed by the Toyota car brand, with a failure rate of 17 percent for 12 months, and the third place is the Lexus of 18 percent.

Conversely, for a car brand Land Rover car is the most unreliable. Britain's car has a value of 71 percent failure rate that occurs within 12 months. Very surprising, given that some cars Land Rover looks tough. In the next sequence followed by Alfa Romeo with a failure rate of 55 percent within 12 months, Jeep (52 percent), Renault (52 percent) and Chrysler (50 percent), Saab (50 percent), MG (48 percent), Mercedes-Benz (45 percent), Jaguar (43 percent), Rover (43 percent), Audi (42 percent), and BMW (41 percent).
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