Sunday, July 28, 2013

Animals Who Have Cute Face

European Mole

European Mole.txt

European mole spends most of its life underground, digging tunnels and eating insects. Which makes them interesting is the number of hairs on his body, so the shape of her body covered by fur. They are known to have poor eyesight. They look cute, but they can cause damage to crops.

Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster.txt
There are three species, but the most favorite by many people is Campbell's dwarf hamster. These animals come from China and Russia. They are sold as pets in almost any pet store. Chinese hamsters are also good-looking and sometimes called dwarf hamsters, although they are not on the same gene.

African Pygmy Hedgehog

African Pygmy Hedgehog.txt
This mammal is a mammal of the most handsome in the family Erinaceidae. To protect themselves, they furl body. This hedgehog has been domesticated, so you may have to be maintained without much trouble. But there are some states that do not allow you to maintain a hedgehog, so you should check it out first.


Sea cow is very fat, but had a very cute face. Unlike whales and dolphins, manatees are herbivores. They also have a kinship with elephants and they belong to the rare species, as it continues to be hunted.

Puffer Fish

puffer Fish.txt
This type of fish can swallow water and quickly, very quickly, so that they can be spherical, with the aim of protecting themselves from predators. This method is often saved their lives, and some poisonous puffer fish.


These fish are in the same family as sea horses and sea dragon, but this fish is much more cute. Most of them live in salty waters, and a small portion in freshwater. Just as sea horses, the male fish carrying eggs the female for some time.


Who does not know the Kiwi. This bird type animals originated from New Zealand and is the fattest hairy bird. The bird's wings were reduced, making them unable to fly, but they have a very keen sense of smell. There are five species that have been discovered, and all the Kiwi bird species, including species that are already endangered.
Kiwi eggs can reach 20% of the body weight of the mother. It was just like a pregnant woman weighing 150 pounds and gave birth to a baby weighing 30 pounds.

Silky Anteater

Silky Anteater.txt
This animal is a member of the family Cyclopedidae. The Latin name is Cyclopes didactylus animals. Their lives in trees and has a tail that can hold something, and sharp claws. 
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