Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Highway Passing Through the Airport Runaway

Highway Passing Through the Airport Runaway.txt
Gibraltar Airport is the civilian airport serving the region across the sea to Britain, Gibraltar. This airport is owned by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. Civilian operators use this airport and currently the only scheduled flights to the United Kingdom only. Passengers depart and arrive through the civilian terminal.

Winston Churchill road is the main road opposite the Spanish border, intersecting with the airport's runway, so that road traffic should be terminated or laid off any would be no planes landing or taking off. Program Most Extreme Airports on the History Channel puts Gibraltar Airport as the most dangerous airport in the world in order to air Badara fifth and most dangerous in the plains of Europe.

As we can see in the pictures, the vehicle will have to stop by in advance if there is a plane would pass on the runway.

Such as the railway line is passing, there also remains a reckless vehicle break latch guard.

Highway Passing Through the Airport Runaway.txt

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