Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interesting Facts Behind Internet Benefits

Interesting Facts Behind Internet Benefits.txt
Who would have thought, that the internet as a communication that is very popular at this time it also has the advantage. As the results of the research at the University of California Los Angels, USA, which says 'searching' on the Web can stimulate brain centers that control decision-making and complex thoughts. So the internet can help slow dementia problems.

As noted in the American of Geriatric Psychiatry, the study chairman (Professor Gary Small) said that "The use of the Internet to improve and train their brain function, because it involves the control and power of visual memory that will work just as well as reading. Control of memory and it will add to the visual power of brain activity to control a decision in accessing the internet. "

In his research, Professor Gary Small involving 24 volunteers aged between 55 and 76 which 50% are Internet users and the rest do not. Each volunteer was treated brain scans when they do web searches and book reading tasks.
Interesting Facts Behind Internet Benefits.txt

From the research, two different types of tasks that produce significant evidence of activity in the brain controlling language, reading, memory and visual abilities. However, volunteers who do the searching Web produced significant additional activity in separate parts of the brain to control and make decisions.

From the research results, the researchers concluded that compared to regular reading, the internet asking people to vote on what to click to get relevant information. However, for newcomers to the web do not have the necessary strategies for action web or internet search successfully.

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