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Best Bathing place and Unforgettable

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Do you often take your time to relax in the bath? Pamper yourself in a luxurious bathing place is the tradition of the Roman nobility. At that time they love to visit these places is not just for recreation, but also for healing.

Time passed, and the old culture and tradition has begun to transform. Favorite place and even then the Romans now turned into a spa. However spa places aplenty to be found in a variety of areas. But you who like to do this activity, at least try bathing place very special

Cagaloglu Hamami, Istanbul, Turkey 

Cagaloglu Hamami.txt
Who does not know this bathhouse, so popular that few movies ever do a shoot at the bathhouse. And throughout mainland Turkey, no one can beat Cagaloglu, last hamam built in the reign of the Ottoman Empire and has been operating since 1741.

Famous bathing place with breathtaking interior and techniques of massage and steam this special dedication never give his best to the world figures, including Florence Nightingale and King Edward VIII of England. Age of this place more than 270 years, and did not make Cagaloglu lose their appeal, because Cagaloglu in the list of 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.

Poseidon Gardens, Ischia, Italy

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Bathing place is located in the volcanic mountains in the Italian country with the hot springs flow naturally to the various pools and water reservoirs in the Poseidon Gardens.

Poseidon water temperature is high enough and rich mineral content in the water (including sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, and manganese). Poseidon hot water is believed to cure various kinds of diseases that you have suffered.

The Thermal Baths, Vals, Switzerland

The Thermal Baths, Vals, Switzerland.txt
By using a combination of dark and bright space concept, thermal baths in Vals, Switzerland, this is a haven to relax and calm down.

Facilities it offers very diverse, in addition to its indoor and outdoor concept, The Thermal Baths offers facilities such as swimming pool, massage and relaxation, plus the presence of a pool fire, ice pond, pond flowers and breathtaking mountain scenery, the Thermal Baths offer something makes you can not forget it.

Gellert Baths & Spa, Budapest, Hungary

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When you visit Budapest, time to yourself to go to the Gellert Baths & Spa. Natural springs are believed to be efficacious as a drug, the Art Nouveau style furnishings, artistic mosaics, stained glass windows and various sculptures are the perfect combination for those of you who are on vacation.

Gellert Baths & Spa first opened in 1919 and has 13 bath consisting of two effervescent bath, three pools and eight hot springs with water temperatures ranging from 24-37 degrees Celsius.

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