Monday, July 29, 2013

Deadly Poisons and Dangerous



Cyanide is a chemical composition containing a cyano group C ≡ N. Cyanide is very easy resume recognizable as smelling like Almond.

CN group can be found in many compounds. There is a gas, there is like-salt, and some covalent.

The workings of this Cyanide kills by preventing red blood cells absorb oxygen and contained in red blood cells. Cyanide capsules believed to have been used by spies during World War II took place, to escape from the enemy attacks.

As a basic example of Cyanide is, Cassava contains HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide), especially cassava that taste bitter when consumed. So that the people who ate it, will experience nausea and vomiting, and even fainting.


Did you know, Strychnine is one of the more popular forms of toxins in the early twentieth century. The workings of Strychnine by attacking the central nervous system and cause excessive reflex reaction. With an appropriate dose, which consumes Strychnine victim can die within ten to twenty minutes.
Strychnineini is a poison that acts fast, effective treatment for the time may not yet exist. And Strychnine is very dangerous, because it can be used as a weapon to kill if not used properly.


Arsenic is a toxic species that is often used. In the UK, available as a poison arsenic freely bought in pharmacies, with usability to help handling rat.

This arsenic works by interfering with the digestive system. Arsenic Symptoms include severe stomach discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea with blood.


Did you know, Hemlock is a poison that might have been used to kill Socrates, Greek philosopher. This plant has a very dangerous poison and high doses of the roots. Once we bite the Hemlock plant roots, it can cause death. Hemlock cause muscle failure, seizures and death.


Who does not know the name Heroin. A poison that works on the respiratory system. Heroin suppress the central nervous system and creates a feeling of euphoria. According to the study, the death rate among heroin users achieve up to 20%. Heroin poisoning symptoms such as seizures, impaired vision, low blood pressure, coma and death from respiratory failure.

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