Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hotel In The Airplane Cabin The Unforgettable

Do you know, what you know in the Netherlands. Tulip garden a large number of beautiful and colorful, with the beauty of the city. But very interesting is a hotel in the aircraft cabin. Yes, you can find it in Vliegtuigsuite.

The idea came from a businessman Ben Thijsen the Dutch state. Ben Thijsen took advantage of market opportunities to see the hotels and inns.

The older aircraft are old aircraft type Ilyushin Il-18N aircraft that is issued by the Soviet Union. This aircraft previously used by the eastern German state leader Erich Honnecker before the collapse. Before being bought and dismantled by Ben Thijsen into a hotel, this aircraft was used as a restaurant in the former German border. Then Ben Thijsen buy and bring the aircraft across Germany towards a village called Tegue in the Netherlands, after arriving in the Netherlands Ben Thijsen then renovate and remodel the plane so it does look like a hotel


This hotel visitors average visitors from Germany who want to enjoy when East Germany was still there. Even among those there who took pictures of the memories of East Germany in order to get a better feel nostalgia and memories that never happened before. Aside from the visitors who were quite satisfied with the hotel made ​​of this plane, one pilot who had been a fighter pilot is also quite satisfied after seeing the state of the hotel and plane ornaments up close. Because Ben Thijsen still retaining the air condition as at the first, especially the cockpit is still intact.

At a cost of 350 euros, visitors can enjoy a variety of amenities such as luxury foods, jacuzzi, bar, sauna, and a flat screen television. In addition, visitors can also sit in the cockpit while enjoying a cup of coffee in the aircraft cockpit environment that is rich in history.


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