Saturday, July 27, 2013

Did Pose DuckFace Make Better

Duck Face.txt
As quoted from, many women today who photographed narcissistic, they dressed up or wearing nice clothes, record it with a camera phone or digital camera. It is already commonplace and ordinary.

But not infrequently these days women like to take pictures while doing some of their favorite poses, one of which is the duck face. For those of you who do not know the duck face pose, the following means:

Face pose duckface is when you pouted your lips, squinting and then take pictures with a face like the pose. Why is it called the duckface pose because it is similar to the facial expression of a duck.

Many women like to take pictures with the pose and the results will be considered more cute and beautiful. But you know, there are the facts behind the pose.

According to a study published in the psychology site states that people who take photos of themselves to advance the lip including psychological disorders. Why is that?

The point is, a photo with this pose shows a lack of confidence and fear with a natural expression does not look attractive. With the duck face pose, face is slightly obscured shortage but that does not mean to be more charming.

There are many poses that can make you look cute and elegant. With a sincere smile, showing a happy face or radiated beauty spotlight your eyes, it will be much more pleasing to the eye than the duck face pose is.

Although in essence, duck face pose is by no means have a psychological disorder, but the pose is a sign that you lack confidence in your face. Begin reducing the habit for those who love this pose ..

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